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What is a funeral plan?

Funeral plans are simply a way of paying for a funeral now instead of your estate having to pay later.

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Funeral plans are simply a way of paying for a funeral now instead of your estate having to pay later. So if you buy one, you’ll naturally need all the basics to be included.

That’s why all our plans, except for direct cremation, include all the essential elements required for a funeral.

They pay for the collection and transfer of the deceased, as well as care and preparation prior to the service.

Advice and guidance on certifying and registering the death, and organising the funeral arrangements, is also included. The funeral director will prepare the deceased for the service, and offer a chapel of rest viewing should loved ones require it.

A standard veneered coffin with nameplate is included, which you can upgrade to oak-veneered with our Swan plan.

When the day arrives, a hearse will convey the deceased on the funeral procession to a crematorium or cemetery for the service.

Our more expensive plans also include following limousines to transport family members and close friends. Additional costs at a funeral include fees for third parties, such as a minister’s fee and cremation or internment fee.

All our plans except Sparrow include a generous allowance of £1,250 for these fees, saving family members from having to dip into their own pockets.


Optional extras

While our plans cover all the basics, you may wish to customise your plan to make your funeral just the way you want it.

At extra cost, we can provide:

  • Decorated or coloured coffins 
  • Coffins made of wicker or cardboard
  • Motorcycle hearse or horse-drawn hearse
  • Newspaper notices
  • Floral spray with your choice of flowers
  • Additional limousines
  • Church service
  • Live webcam streaming

If there’s something you don’t see here, let us know. We’ll do the research on your behalf and add the cost to your quote.


Planning ahead

Many people buy funeral plans to spare their loved ones from additional stress at a difficult time.

You can even spare family and friends the bother of having to second-guess what you’d have wanted.

With a funeral plan, you can include detailed instructions on all aspects of the funeral.

Typical requests include:

  • Colour of clothing worn by mourners
  • Music or hymns to play
  • Specific readings
  • Type of flowers
  • Donations to a favourite charity
  • Favourite photo to print in the Order of Service

Follow the links to find out what’s included in our Wren, Robin, Dove and Swan plans.

The infographic below shows why pre-planning your funeral is a considerate gesture.




The Benefits of Funeral Pre-Planning by jack mellor

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