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Funeral-goers served hash by mistake

A German wake ended with more than just the traditional coffee and cake

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An innocent treat

Mourners at a funeral in northern Germany left the occasion on a high – literally.

It’s German tradition to have coffee and cake after a burial. But these mourners were served hashcake in a restaurant – seemingly by accident.

The 13 funeral-goers in Wiethagen felt dizzy and nauseous as the wake was drawing to a close and required medical treatment.

It was initially feared that the widow was having a stroke and she was taken to hospital. But when the 12 other funeral guests fell ill, they were also taken to hospital, where some had to remain.

A slight mix-up

The suspect cake was discovered when drug tests were carried out and police were called in.

According to a story by BBC News, the unusual dish was served by mistake. A restaurant employee had asked her daughter to bake the hashcake, which was intended to be served at a different event.

Unfortunately, the employee took the brownie cake, complete with its potent ingredient, out of her freezer to take into work alongside other cakes baked for the funeral.

It was reported by Metro that the daughter, an 18-year-old girl, was under investigation by police for offences relating to the Narcotics act and bodily injury, and for disrupting a funeral.

The incident happened in the summer. However, it was kept under wraps for several months, out of respect for the grieving family.

High for the occasion

While the German incident may have been an unhappy accident, Metro previously reported that drug-taking at funerals was on the rise at UK funerals. Some people see them as occasions to let their hair down.

The trend is partly fuelled by the rise of social media, allowing old friends to keep in touch more easily. Dates of services are spread widely amongst friends and acquaintances, ensuring that they’re bigger occasions than they were in the past.

A bar owner has even told staff who attend funerals to book the following day off as a holiday, after a spate of employees not coming into work.

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