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Funeral at the snooker hall: strange funeral requests revealed

You don't have to hold your big-send off in a traditional setting

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Funeral services don’t have to be held at a churchyard or crematorium. Unusual locations are becoming more commonplace.

According to a nationwide survey of Co-op funeral directors, 77% have had requests for a funeral to be held in a non-traditional religious setting.

Can I have a funeral anywhere?

The list of most unusual included requests to hold a service next to a snooker table with the deceased’s coffin on top; on a bus; and even at a McDonald’s Drive Thru.

Other unconventional venues requested included a zoo, a teepee, and a cattle auction house.

Several people wanted a sports-related send-off. Examples included ceremonies next to the 18th hole on a golf course and at cricket and football clubs Glossop Cricket Club and Notts County FC respectively.

Perhaps the oddest request was “next to a busy bypass”. We can only assume that the deceased was a keen driver.

… all this in the past 5 years

The findings were published in a report entitled Burying Tradition: The Changing Face of UK Funerals, which also explores trends from 500,000 funerals held over the past five years.

There’s nothing wrong with tradition, of course. As the Co-op report says: “It is known that in many cases, having a traditional service as part of a cremation or a burial can help bereaved people come to terms with and understand their grief.”

The benefit of a funeral plan is it lets you specify the fine details in advance – as much or as little as you wish.

What’s next?

So don’t take the risk of hoping that your nearest and dearest notice your love of cricket or snooker.

With a funeral plan, you can list your requirements in advance and spare relatives the anguish of wondering what to do when the time comes.

A funeral plan will also save them money by ensuring that the cost won’t come out of your estate.

Call Maplebrook Funeral Plans today on 0800 059 0909 to put your plans into action.

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