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Maplebrook Funeral Plans Ltd Pure Offices Unit S03 Harbour Road Portishead Bristol, BS20 7AN Company no. 11858976

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If you have any questions about our funeral plans, send us a message and we’ll get back to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I choose a local funeral director?

    Yes, you’re welcome to nominate a funeral director of your choosing if you have a preference.

    Most of our customers allow us to choose a reputable local firm on their behalf. You can also change the firm you wish to use, but once the plan holder has died, changes are no longer possible.

  • What happens if I die before I’ve finished my monthly payments?

    The unpaid balance would need to be paid by your next of kin before the funeral can go ahead. If they are unable to pay the balance, dedicated funeral loans are available from specialist lenders.

  • Why isn’t the disbursement allowance guaranteed to cover all costs?

    We provide a generous allowance that covers the major third-party fees today and will grow in line with the consumer price index. And while we’re confident it will be sufficient, it’s impossible to predict the future with 100% certainty.

  • Can I transfer my plan to someone else?

    You’re welcome to use your plan for someone else instead - for example, if a family member or friend predeceases you. There’s no admin fee to pay for such a transfer.

  • What happens if I die abroad?

    Repatriation costs aren’t included as standard. However, this is certainly something we can arrange for you in addition to your plan.

    Otherwise, we recommend checking that your travel or health insurance policy covers repatriation costs. Once the body arrives at a UK airport, the plan would cover transport to the funeral director’s premises. As with a death in the UK, there may be an extra charge if the collection distance exceeds 25 miles.

  • What if I change address?

    Simply inform us of your change of address and we’ll update our records. We don’t charge an admin fee for this.

  • What if I move to a different part of the country?

    Let us know and we’ll update our records. We may also need to change the nominated funeral director.

  • ​Do I have to pass a medical test?

    No, a funeral plan is not like an insurance product. Our funeral plans do not require you to take any medical tests.

  • What happens if my funeral director isn’t around by the time I die?

    If the funeral director goes out of business at any stage, we’ll get in touch with a view to changing to another reputable local firm.

  • Why does it cost more to pay in installments?

    It takes time for us to process every payment made by our customers. If the payments are made over two years or more, we pass on a small processing charge to cover our admin costs.

  • How do I know that my money is safe?

    Rest assured that your money is safe once it’s been paid into the Maplebrook Funeral Plans Trust Fund. In line with current legislation, it is kept secure for the purpose of future growth so that it’s guaranteed to cover the cost of your funeral.